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Homi Hardware

The inspiration for Homi Hardware struck from a lack of design options for customizable appliance handles. As major brands focused on affordable, stylish appliances, no one offered the ability to easily swap handles regardless of appliance make or model. Seeing the white space in the market, I sketched designs to fill this gap. I brought on talented partners to turn my initial ideas into prototypes for refrigerators. Our offerings expanded to include other appliance types like stoves, ovens, dishwashers, and ranges.

Our goal is simple: Provide high-quality, durable appliance hardware built to last. We use solid metal alloys and premium finishes, refusing to compromise on customer satisfaction. We want our products to meet the test of time.

This journey has led us down many unforeseen bends, yet the passion to expand possibilities remains our North Star. We are steadily perfecting and rolling out new prototypes so we hope you follow us through our journey so we can take it together.

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We look forward to making your kitchen designs more uniquely yours by bringing that long awaited cohesive feel into your space.