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Distinctive by design

Unmatched Brilliance: Treat Yourself to Our Luxury All-Brass Hardware

This design series was inspired by Lauren. Her love of mixing metals has been such a classic design to our product line.

product description

Crafted from solid brass using a fusion of old-world and modern manufacturing techniques, our signature handles and end caps deliver unmatched quality and timeless sophistication in limited quantities. With minimalist designs that balance contemporary and classic, these pieces accent your space in enduring style. Built to last with unparalleled strength, our luxury all-brass hardware makes an elegantly elevated statement in any home. Invest in the modern heirlooms your appliances deserve with hardware engineered to impress. But don't wait, supplies are limited on these fine brass works of art!

Modern Traditional Classic


  • Adjustable kitchen appliance hardware
  • Enjoy freedom to install brackets where you want! Predrilled holes, no problem! Want to match all of your appliances, no problem! We are currently not fitted for certain appliance models so will need the specifications with your order.


Premium brass

this set includes

  • 2 premium polished brass brackets
  • 1 polished brass handle
  • 2 polished brass finales of your design choice (modern or traditional)

High-end details

  • Premium grade solid construction
  • Brass finale caps provide clean finished ends
  • Thick, durable brass handle
  • Bracket has pre-drilled holes for easy install
  • This versatile set instantly elevates any design. Simple yet substantial styling to enhance your kitchen.

Note: Mounting hardware included. Professional installation recommended.


Thank you for considering Homi Hardware for your needs. Due to our high demand, we are currently focusing on pre-orders to efficiently plan for our upcoming manufacturing batch. For detailed information on processing times, which may vary by product, please don't hesitate to contact us. We appreciate your understanding and are here to assist you with any inquiries.

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Your order will receive our utmost attention to detail, with personal confirmation of processing time and estimated delivery date. We pride ourselves on providing an unmatched artisan-level service.
After we receive your order, we will send a questionnaire to confirm compatibility for your project. We will ask for the make and model of your appliance. We will NOT process your order until information is received.

Thank you for being the best part of HOMI Hardware, where homes are loved! Brought to you by a woman-owned company focused on delivering the highest quality and service. USA Based & Made. Some materials are sourced outside the states.






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We look forward to making your kitchen designs more uniquely yours by bringing that long awaited cohesive feel into your space.